So this is it

birthday cakes

birthday cakes for Jesse

We’ve talked about it.  We’ve to’ed and fro’ed about it. Making the decision to renovate/remodel (Question: when is it renovation and when is it remodeling? Does someone have a definition?) has been scary because it’s not that we don’t love our house.  We do. It’s not that it’s old and worn out. It’s 7 years young so it’s a spring chicken amongst buildings. It’s just that we built it, we decorated it and we lived in it – but we never quite finished it off.

There’s the home theatre in need of storage shelving, there’s a music room struggling out of the dining area and there’re a couple of spare bedrooms that could use some direction. Plus there are a few features we’ve always wanted but didn’t achieve in the building process that might be nice to have – like a fireplace and a swimming pool.

But living here has been comfortable and I know that once we start on this project it is going to get uncomfortable – perhaps extremely – along the way. So the thought cropped up that maybe we should just move – sell and buy or sell and build.  But as I said earlier we do LOVE this house.  Some of the really good points that we don’t want to give up include the way it’s positioned on the block, the fact that we NEVER get mosquitoes visiting in the evening, and that we’re higher than our neighbours which gives us quite a bit of privacy.

We would be crazy to give all that up, right? So we decided to make what we love even better. We’re going to push the boundaries of our comfort zone and enter the world of DIY, tradies, dust, dirt and power tools.

  • Yes we have a wishlist of features we want to put in place.
  • Yes we have a timeline we’re working towards.
  • Yes we have a budget.  (Well, not really.  What we have is an optimistic cost guesstimate.)

We’ve had the last hurrah before we knuckle down in earnest – a family gathering to celebrate Easter and Jesse’s birthday before we rip into the house and gardens. So happy birthday also to the creation of this blog and a new beginning for our house.

birthday cake

Another birthday cake for Jesse


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