Building with colour

Jesse loves any kind of project that involves time with dad. The ultimate big air ball tower is a mammoth K’nex monolith that stands taller than our Peanut. With several working parts and quite a bit of fine tuning, it took several weeks chipping away at the instructions.

Here is the finished product.

How it works:

The battery-powered motor controls the blower which pushes the balls to the top of the structure where they do one of three things: Pop out and get caught in the moving arm which lands them gently into the drop to start all over again (light blue arrows); pop out the tube onto the drum and bounce into the drop (green arrows); while the third, and most temperamental, option is the loop the loop and down the slope (dark blue arrows).

The ultimate big air ball tower has been tested and tried and is guaranteed to fascinate any visiting child under the age of 8 for a good 15 minutes. They also don’t mind running around to collect the rogue balls that bounce onto the floor. What techniques have you resorted to to entertain visiting kids?


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