Salad days

We had been left with a dead area of grass in the backyard where Jesse’s trampoline had been.  Bronson had taken to digging it out and using it as a daybed and over all it was making the rest of the garden look unsightly.

Jesse asked if we could turn it into a vegie garden.  We had tried this before in a different area and there was just too much shade so the plants never really grew, and those that did were quickly eaten by snails.

Given our renovation plans for the back don’t include an allowance for a garden, we thought why not have a vegie garden this year before we dig up the back yard.

The trouble was MV and I then got busy with other things and it took Jesse’s nagging to bring us back to the idea. In the end all it took was 90 minutes one Sunday afternoon.


Pull out any remains of dead grass, fill in any uneven patches and and generally smooth out the soil.

Buy two bags of soil conditioner and PNK and add it to the plot.

Dig the soil enhancers into the original soil and water well.

Dig some holes – use the end of your shovel or your fingers.

Plant some plants.

Water well.

As a final touch Jesse and dad put some light fencing around to keep our dog Bronson out, especially as we added snail pellets to keep the bugs at bay and give our young plants a chance to grow.

Two weeks on and everything has survived.


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