Is he or isn’t he?

Our last beach getaway took us to Sandy Cape, about 250 km north of the metropolitan area.  For the first time we took our dog Bronson, normally we leave him with friends because a lot of national parks don’t allow dogs.  Bronson had a ball (excuse the pun!).  He loves the beach anyway and did lots of digging, swimming and chasing the ball to tire himself out.

Bronson having a ball with his ball

We also came across this sea lion (I’m pretty sure it’s not a seal because it has tiny ear flaps). Now as we approached him with Jesse and our dog in tow we were eyeing him warily.  He was totally still – didn’t move a muscle even when people wandered past. So the main question on our minds was – is he or isn’t he D-E-A-D? Has this sea mammal just washed up on shore to breathe his last breath? Or was he just soaking up a few rays, totally oblivious to all the human activity going on around him?

He didn’t smell. But he sure didn’t blink so much as an eyelid either. We walked right past him and still couldn’t tell (being cautious we did keep Bronson on the lead though).

It wasn’t until we came back from our walk that we noticed him lazily roll over so that we knew – he was enjoying the beach just as much as we were!  Isn’t it nice when wildlife and humans can share the same space?


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