Betty Cuthbert & Mr Lincoln

One of our Mr Lincoln roses has died, joining the majority of the geraniums sitting in front of the garden beds at the front of the house, and leaving the gardens looking straggly. Continue reading


Mother’s day

It’s a tradition on mother’s day to take my mother and go to visit the grave of her mother.  And even though she died before Jesse was born, I think he feels he knows his great-grandmother because we keep this link alive. It’s also special to my mother so that’s part of why we make the trip. Continue reading

Birthday boy

We ended up celebrating Jesse’s birthday for most of April and he got a stack of presents.  While he loved them all, he was really overwhelmed to get his very own drum kit.  And mum and dad were pleased because without the headphones you don’t have to allow for the noise factor. Continue reading

Salad days part 2

It really feels like the change of seasons now that the weather is cooling down and the rains have come.  And Jesse’s vegie garden is growing from strength to strength, particularly the tomatoes, peas and lettuces. So much so that MV had to add some homemade stakes to support the tomatoes and give the peas something to curl around. Continue reading