Birthday boy

We ended up celebrating Jesse’s birthday for most of April and he got a stack of presents.  While he loved them all, he was really overwhelmed to get his very own drum kit.  And mum and dad were pleased because without the headphones you don’t have to allow for the noise factor.

We sought advice from the local music store about a reasonably priced set of drums and they recommended D-tronic Q-2 plus. It has 3 toms, a snare drum, hihat, crash and ride cymbals as well as a kick drum and hihat controller.  All in all a pretty good kit for an aspiring drummer.  Best of all it is adjustable so as he grows we can raise the drums to fit.

We found a really good deal on ebay and saved over $100 on the recommended retail price.  Maybe one day we’ll put that $100 towards an amp.  Ah, the music of life…


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