Mother’s day

It’s a tradition on mother’s day to take my mother and go to visit the grave of her mother.  And even though she died before Jesse was born, I think he feels he knows his great-grandmother because we keep this link alive. It’s also special to my mother so that’s part of why we make the trip.

This mother’s day the weather was very mild, even though we are only two weeks away from official winter on 1 June, so after our visit we walked down to the local beach.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve made the effort and we could really notice a difference with the changing seasons. In winter the tide comes in higher so the dunes get more washed away, the wind is stronger so the path is almost totally covered with sand and, for some reason unknown to me, the seaweed proliferates.  It not only spreads across the sand, it gathers in mounds at strategic intervals along the coastline and it can make the beach look a bit desolate, especially under a grey sky.  At the same time I find there is something exhilarating about the crashing waves, howling wind and lonely stretches of coastline in the winter – it’s a completely different animal to summertime when it lazes in the heat.

Want to share a mother’s day tradition or a thought about the approaching winter/summer change of seasons?


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