Betty Cuthbert & Mr Lincoln

One of our Mr Lincoln roses has died, joining the majority of the geraniums sitting in front of the garden beds at the front of the house, and leaving the gardens looking straggly.

So this morning MV dug out the dead plants and refertilised the garden beds. This afternoon we all took a trip to the local Dawsons Garden World because they specialise in roses.  We picked up a beautiful Mr Lincoln in bud.  These plants are the epitome of a rose – luscious deep red petals with a heavy rose scent.

Then we looked around for some plants to put in front of the roses.  They have to be low growing so they won’t hide the roses, and have to be complementary colours (our roses are red Mr Lincolns and apricot Just Joeys).  MV suggested vinkas but they’re not my favourite.  We looked at petunias but they need replacing every year so MV said too much like hard work.

Then Jesse called us over to have a look at some plants and we discovered ground cover, rambling shrub roses.  We selected two varieties Gold Magic Carpet, a bright golden yellow, and Betty Cuthbert, a beautiful double, soft apricot bloom named in honour of an Australian Olympic champion diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Part of the proceeds for all sales of the Betty Cuthbert go to the MS society.

Autumn is the season to plant roses and the weather is so mild we hope they will do really well.

What have you planted lately?


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