We’re budding renovators on a quest to remodel our beachside house to provide ourselves with resort style luxury on a minimalist budget.  We want to feel that we’re on holiday every day of the year.

The main impetus for the makeover is me.  I’ve always loved our house (and still do!) but do regret that the block was not bigger to give us more room – especially for Jesse to play in.  My Valentine on the other hand actually loves the small backyard – less time for maintenance and he is the main mover and shaker when it comes to the outdoors.

This blog will chronicle our journey into unknown waters. You are welcome to follow our progress and even offer advice – though we don’t promise to take it as we have been known to be stubborn and stick to our guns even when we’re wrong.


Me, My Valentine and our Peanut

We live on the sunset coast – also known as Western Australia.  There are more than 10,000 kilometres of incredible coast line in this state and we live within 1 kilometre of it. I find the most incredible beauty where sky, sea and land meet and at no time is that more evident than at sunset on this glorious coast.

My Valentine and I both work but we do have our passions.  Mine include learning to play the piano – a long involved process – taking photos for my digital scrapbooking pages, making travel journals to record our holidays, reading other people’s books and blogs when I get the chance, rediscovering my love of writing and trying to be the best mum I can be to our little boy.

My Valentine loves his 4WD, taking it off road whenever he gets the opportunity, and doing most things outdoorsy like camping, fishing, hiking.  He is also an amazing handyman and has done some fabulous DIY projects around the house, including our laundry cabinets, creating a new door for our study and the interior of our wardrobe.  And of course telling Dad jokes.

Our son Jesse is passionate about learning to play the drums, bike riding with dad, in fact doing anything with dad, and food, both cooking and eating. But since he’s only 6 his passions can change daily.


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