Taking a hiatus

Well the band aid above tells the story.  Yes, I’m injured.  And it’s a back injury.  So that means no lifting, no bending.  Not even sitting for too long as in front of the computer blogging.  So, our renovations will have to go on hold for a little while – well around 6 weeks in fact.  So budding renovators will take a short hiatus.


Too darn busy

The alternative title for this post is progress, what progress?

We started out with the best of intentions – to launch into our renovations without delay.  Somehow life has gotten in the way.

But just recently I took a note out of younghouselove blog and trawled through a few “display” homes (houses built and interior decorated by builders to sell their home designs) to glean some inspiration.  I was looking specifically at bedrooms as we think this is where we will start.

Now I must say that the majority of bedrooms have a lot in common but there are some details that were interesting. The commonality was the amount of pillows and cushions used to create a feeling of opulence.  Some bedrooms were done better than others.  Here are a selection of my favourite, including colour schemes I am partial to:

I was particularly interested in the use of shutters as this is an item we are seriously considering for our bedroom and possibly other bedrooms.  There weren’t too many samples but here’s how they can look used within a room as a divider between ensuite bathroom and bedroom and at the windows:

Another interesting feature was this use of magazine holders on the wall – I think this might be a great addition in a child’s bedroom to keep tidy all the masses of paper they seem to collect.

And finally I thought this idea of painting/wallpapering the wall behind the bed to replace a bedhead and give some focus to the room had potential.

So we have the inspiration now all we have to find is the time to get started. Wish us luck!


Betty Cuthbert & Mr Lincoln

One of our Mr Lincoln roses has died, joining the majority of the geraniums sitting in front of the garden beds at the front of the house, and leaving the gardens looking straggly. Continue reading

So this is it

birthday cakes

birthday cakes for Jesse

We’ve talked about it.  We’ve to’ed and fro’ed about it. Making the decision to renovate/remodel (Question: when is it renovation and when is it remodeling? Does someone have a definition?) has been scary because it’s not that we don’t love our house.  We do. It’s not that it’s old and worn out. It’s 7 years young so it’s a spring chicken amongst buildings. It’s just that we built it, we decorated it and we lived in it – but we never quite finished it off. Continue reading