Salad days part 2

It really feels like the change of seasons now that the weather is cooling down and the rains have come.  And Jesse’s vegie garden is growing from strength to strength, particularly the tomatoes, peas and lettuces. So much so that MV had to add some homemade stakes to support the tomatoes and give the peas something to curl around. Continue reading


Turning a white elephant into something useful

Although our pool table is not precisely the white elephant in the house, it’s fair to say that for the amount of space it occupies compared to the hours of use it gets it has reaped its share of complaints from me.

But MV has now designed a solution that will enable us to make the pool table a multi-purpose table. Continue reading

Salad days

We had been left with a dead area of grass in the backyard where Jesse’s trampoline had been.  Bronson had taken to digging it out and using it as a daybed and over all it was making the rest of the garden look unsightly. Continue reading

Building with colour

Jesse loves any kind of project that involves time with dad. The ultimate big air ball tower is a mammoth K’nex monolith that stands taller than our Peanut. With several working parts and quite a bit of fine tuning, it took several weeks chipping away at the instructions. Continue reading